Born and raised in Vancouver BC Canada, Darrin Evil has always loved music of all kinds and hitting things. After many years behind the drum kit for various rock, metal, and punk bands like SOCIAL MENACE, BLACK EARTH, DIET EVIL, HELLRAZOR, and MY OWN CHAOS, to name but a few, Darrin Evil has finally come out front to write and perform his own songs.

"Heart Wall" is the first original solo release for Darrin Evil. This raw old school rock song has a bouncy beat to emphasize there is hope even in the dark conditions we create for ourselves throughout our life journey.

"Sunset Burning" is his second original solo release. This moody rock song has a manic tempo like the thoughts that can cross our minds during intense contemplation.

"Western Medicine Hamster Wheel", the 3rd solo release, is an unapologetic ode to the vicious cycle of unnecessary surgery and use of pharmaceutical drugs in western culture. 

"Invaders" is a classic North American punk rock style song about the human, energetic, and other-worldly entities that sabotage our efforts to be all that we know we could be.

"A New Beginning" can happen at any time. Even after the loss of someone close to you, when it seems impossible, but it's not. Find a way to get up and keep living. Crank up your favorite song! Maybe this little metal number....

"Don't Panic" is a thunderous old school metal song and also a great reminder (especially when hitchhiking through the galaxy) to be calm and to be aware and not to take 'the game' so serious.

"Exploited", overworked, underpaid, underappreciated? Join the club! Employers and industries have been yanking our chains forever. This hard rock homage to the Scottish punk band 'The Exploited' is not a punk song, or about the band, but shares the same sentiments.

"Yesterday Is Coming" is a bouncy rock song that reminds us of the impermanence of everything in our lives.  All of conditioned existence, without exception, is "transient, evanescent, inconstant".

"You Too" has some rock and pop and punk and an important message for everybody.

All songs (except "House Of The Rising Sun") were written, performed, recorded, and produced entirely by Darrin Evil at DRT Music's studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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independent Canadian rock, metal and punk

Darrin Evil cover songs

All of these cover songs were performed, recorded, mixed, and published by Darrin Evil. Some of my favorite songs and musical artists from the present to way back. 

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